DS1500 Dewpoint Hygrometer for Hazardous Applications

· RS485 / MODBUS (RTU) serial communication enabled

· 4 alarm relays – 2 x change over, 2 x normally open (NO)

· Compatible with AMT, PDT and AMT-Ex dewpoint transmitters

· Installed in the safe area unless housed in an Exd Enclosure

· Panel mounted single channel indicator

· Process Variable (PV) retransmission in 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA

New to Range, the DS1500 with RS485 and MODBUS (RTU) is a digital dewpoint hygrometer and fully compatible with the Alpha Moisture Systems’ AMT, PDT and AMT-Ex Dewpoint Transmitters for continuous trace moisture measurement in most gases and dry compressed air.

The DS1500 system is factory configured to user specification to read in either °C dewpoint, °F dewpoint, ppm(v), ppb(v), g/m³ or lbs/MMSCF. The measured value is displayed on a large six-digit red LED display.

DS1500 offers a selectable 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA isolated retransmission signal and four programmable alarm relays.

A digital communication channel is provided via a RS485 (MODBUS RTU Communication Protocol) serial connection for remote interrogation of measured values and status of alarms and instrument.

Instrument configuration is achieved from the front keypad, without any hardware change. The selection of input type and alarm modes and other special functions, are also accessed and defined from the front keypad.

Power: 100 to 240 Vac/dc +/-10 %, 50/60 Hz
Type: Red 7-segment 6-digit primary display
Annunciators: Alarms 1 to 4 status LEDS.

Relay Output 1 and 2

Contact Type:   Single pole, changeover (SPDT)
Rating: 3 A resistive, 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz (3 A / 30 Vdc Res.)

Relay Output 3 and 4

Contact Type:   Single pole, changeover (SPST-NO:)
Rating: 1.5 A resistive, 250 Vac, 50/60 Hz (3 A / 30 Vdc Res.)

Relay Output 3 and 4

Contact Type:   Single pole, changeover (SPST-NO:)
Rating: 1.5 A resistive, 250 Vac, 50/60 Hz (3 A / 30 Vdc Res.)

Linear (Re-Transmitted) Output

Ranges Available: 0-20mA or 4-20mA linear in units selected
Accuracy: ±0.5% max of display value
Load Impedance: 500Ω max
Protocol: MODBUS (RTU)
Data Format: Number of data bits: 8, without parity, and one stop bit.
Physical Layer: RS485.
Maximum No. of addresses: 247.
Baud Rate: Selectable – 1200, 2400, 4800, *9600, 19200, 38400 or 57600 bps.
*Factory Default
Approvals: CE
EMC: Certified to BS EN61326-1
Safety: Complies with BS EN 61010-1
Instrument Front Panel Seal: To IP54

Reference Conditions

Supply Voltage: 90 – 250V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: AC=10VA/DC=4VA max

Operating Conditions   

Temperature:    5 °C to 50 °C
Relative Humidity: 0-90% non-condensing
Cut-out Dimensions: 45mm (1.772 inches) x 93mm (3.661 inches)
Warranty: 12 months in case of defective parts or faulty workmanship

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