Standard Sampling Systems

  • Ensures gas sample is presented in optimum condition for measurement
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Weatherproof enclosures available
  • SS B – basic system for dry gases and compressed air
  • SS NGH – for sampling clean, dry, Natural Gas
  • SS TEG – for sampling Natural Gas when TEG or heavy hydrocarbon condensate might be present

Standard Dewpoint Sampling Systems are engineered to extract, condition and analyse a representative sample of process air or gas, which is then safely vented to the atmosphere or returned to the process. Depending on the application, the systems incorporate an isolation valve, particulate and condensate filters, pressure and flow control, pressure gauges, and flow meters. A dewpoint transmitter and hygrometer are included to provide a complete sampling and moisture measurement solution.

For over 30 years, Alpha Moisture Systems have designed and developed a wide range of standard dewpoint sampling systems for trace moisture measurement in gases and dry compressed air. We have compiled a vast catalogue of sampling panels and cabinets to suit most applications. If your application is new or unique, our engineering team will be delighted to produce a customised solution for your exact requirements.

Please do not hesitate to contact our experienced Technical Team, who will be happy to discuss your sampling and moisture measurement requirements.

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