About Alpha Moisture Systems

Alpha Moisture Systems are a leading Dew-point Meter and Dewpoint Instrumentation manufacturer. We have been pioneers in trace moisture measurement technology for over 30 years. We engineer and manufacture a unique world-leading ultra-high capacitance sensor which reliably measures moisture content in gases and compressed air. Our Sensors measure moisture content from -110 °C to +20 °C Dewpoint, i.e. nearly 1 part per billion to 23,000 parts per million.

Our Sensor is the heart of our products, delivering unsurpassed sensitivity, speed of response, accuracy, repeatability, stability, and long service life. Our ISO9001 accredited facility in Bradford, England, manufactures dewpoint transmitters and sampling systems for continuous dewpoint measurement. We offer portable handheld hygrometers suitable for general and hazardous applications. Calibration traceable to the National Physical Laboratory is provided by our fully equipped calibration laboratory. If you require a dewpoint calibration capability in your own facility, we can manufacture complete calibration systems to suit your needs.

Our products are everywhere, safeguarding life, empowering manufacturing, protecting our planet and exploring the universe.

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