Alpha Moisture Systems' range of single channel moisture analysers have been developed to meet the requirements of all applications, requiring on-line analysis at a single sample point. These instruments combine robust construction and advanced electronics to ensure that they will provide accurate moisture analysis through a long and reliable service life.

Unless stated otherwise, all on-line analysers are used in conjunction with any of our range of dedicated Ultra High Capacitance moisture sensors covering an overall range from -110ºC to +20ºC dewpoint, 0.001 to 23,000 ppm(v). Please contact us for further information.

With a broad range of applications for moisture analysis, from laboratory based R&D work to OEM equipment, no manufacturer can claim to meet all applications with a single instrument.

Our range of on-line analysers combine various cabinet types from compact panel mount to robust weatherproof or bench mounting cabinets, with power supply, electrical output and indication options. All in all, the customer can be assured that whatever the application, we will have a moisture analyser which will not be beaten for long term reliability and accuracy, tailored to meet exact requirements.

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Product Power Display Output Units Alarms Analogue Outputs
Model DS1200 22-253V AC Or DC Digital ºC or ºF 2 4-20mA or RS485
Model DS2000 100-260V AC Or 24V DC Digital ºC, ºF, ppm(v) 2 4-20mA or RS485
Model 6020 90-250V AC Or 24V DC Digital ºC, ºF, ppm(v) 2 4-20mA or RS485