All hygrometers are supplied with a calibration certificate as standard. Complementary to this we offer a full calibration service for most makes of hygrometer, encompassing an overall range from -110ºC to +20ºC dewpoint. The calibration range from -75ºC to +20ºC dewpoint is traceable to the Humidity Standard at the National Physical Laboratory, via our two absolute primary dewpoint hygrometers.


In addition to the laboratory calibration we also offer an on-site or field calibration service where a verification and calibration can be carried out in-situ if the system is permanently installed.
Field calibration suits the customer who is particularly concerned about downtimes.

Calibration certificates are generated on-site on the day of the calibration and our computerised system will automatically send out a timely reminder for your next calibration.

Alpha Moisture Systems also carry out all routine servicing, repairs, commissioning and troubleshooting for dewpoint hygrometers and their installation. All work is carried out in accordance with our accredited quality system.

Alpha Moisture Systems Calibration Brochure and Equipment Return Form.pdf

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